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StrateGis invents, develops and applies smart tools that give our clients insight in each phase of the urban (re)development process. This provides them with the competitive edge needed in today’s reality. It enables them to respond quicker and better to changing contexts and market conditions. It is our mission to make these tools available for end-users, reducing their dependency on external consultants. Empowering our clients is the end goal.
The common denominator in our tools is the connection between urban design and calculation models. All our models, no matter how complex, have intuitive and user friendly interfaces.

StrateGis has been doing its thing for more than 15 years and our software solutions are used in some of the largest projects in the Netherlands. For our international clients we focus on implementing our StrateGis Maps software solutions. We can provide tailor-made solutions and strong integration in both your design- and administrative workflows. Email or call us for more information.

A leading motive in all our products is the dynamic linkage of 2D en 3D plans and designs to financial and other calculation models. In the building industry, this is becoming more and more common. On the higher level of urban design however, it is still uncharted territory.

In the spotlight: The Urban Developer
The Urban Developer is the first module in the StrateGis Maps suite. It is a user friendly software model, based on Google Sketchup. With the software, users can draw up an Urban Design, and immediately calculate the impacts on land use, financial feasibility, parking balance, sustainability and much more. The result: large and complex projects become more transparent and manageable. Communication with stakeholders and interested parties is facilitated. The returns on your investment increase. For more details, click here.

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